How to schedule songs in Sonic Panel

This is the demonstration of how to setup and schedule songs from your AUTO DJ, sonic panel.

Unlock the Power of SonicPanel: Your Ultimate Guide to Scheduling Music on Internet Radio! In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to seamlessly schedule and automate your music playlists using SonicPanel. From uploading your favorite tracks to creating playlists and setting up a dynamic schedule, our guide covers it all. Elevate your online radio experience with the best practices in internet radio hosting.

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To schedule music using SonicPanel, follow these general steps:

Make sure you have already an account with sonic panel or buy from us.


Access SonicPanel: Log in to your SonicPanel account using your credentials.Navigate to the AutoDJ Management: Look for the AutoDJ or Media section in SonicPanel. This is where you can manage your scheduled playlists.

Upload Your Music: Before scheduling, ensure your music is uploaded to SonicPanel. Upload your tracks or create playlists based on your preferences.

Create Playlists: In the AutoDJ management, you should find an option to create playlists. Organize your music into playlists, specifying the order of tracks and any repeat settings. Set Schedule: Locate the scheduling feature in SonicPanel.

This could be a calendar or scheduler interface where you can set specific times for playlists to play.

Assign Playlists to Time Slots: Once your playlists are ready, assign them to specific time slots in the scheduler. This allows you to automate when certain playlists or genres play throughout the day.

Save and Apply: After setting up your schedule, make sure to save and apply the changes.

This ensures that your scheduled playlists will play according to the specified time slots.

Monitor and Adjust: Regularly check your scheduling settings to ensure that your playlists are playing as intended. Adjust the schedule as needed, especially if you want to introduce new playlists or make changes to the existing ones.

Remember that the exact steps may vary slightly based on the version of SonicPanel you are using, so be sure to refer to the official SonicPanel documentation or support resources for detailed instructions tailored to your specific setup.

How to setup auto dj in Sonic Panel

Please note that the stream link mentioned are only samples as a guide, please refer to your actual radio link.

The owner of the radio station can enable the personal panel for each deejay.
Depending on the permissions set, Deejay can use the following features (In this example all features are enabled):

  • Manage Account

Here the Deejay can enter personal data and change the password.

  • Profile Picture
  • Show Live DJ/Widget
  • Change Language
  • AutoDJ Management – Play Jingle/IDs/AD Now (On Air)
  • Voice Pro (On Air)